Darren Carter

Sat, Feb 24, 2024
Sun, Feb 25, 2024

Darren Carter

with Brian Swinehart
When Darren Carter takes the stage, he takes the audience with him. A whirlpool of impressions and observations with on-point improvisation keeps the crowd rolling through the night, and on through the morning if they’re lucky.. From The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to Be Cool with John Travolta, to Comedy Central, BET and Showtime, the aptly named “Party Starter”, and sometimes even “Rooster”, gets recognized on the daily by his many adoring fans. See what all the fuss is about and join the party! Darren Carter style.

Brian Swinehart

Brian Swinehart is an American actor, writer, stand-up comedian, and award-winning producer. He has performed for twenty years at the most reputable comedy venues across the country. Brian is recognized as an astute observer of current social issues, as well as a heartfelt storyteller. His work has been largely informed by decades of writing and acting experience in Hollywood. Brian has worked with such luminaries as Danny Aiello in the TV Pilot Broken Dreams, a comedic role opposite Kevin Hart in the Steve Pink-directed film About Last Night. He has been the stand-in for Matthew McConaughey in the movie Lincoln Lawyer, for Josh Holloway in the TV show Colony, and for the late Paul Walker. Brian acted in the film The Tarot, directed by Peter Hyoguchi, and appeared in two national commercials, including a coveted Super Bowl spot.

Brian wrote and produced the highly acclaimed film Burning Shadow, lauded across the festival circuit, which starred famed French actress, Julie Delpy. In 2018, Brian left Hollywood and returned to his roots in Ohio to write and direct an inspiring short film for the Easter Seals Disability Film Challenge, starring his friend Dennis Scooby Willoughby. Scooby was nominated for best actor, and the entire town of Covington, Ohio, rallied to send him to walk the Hollywood red carpet at this special event. 2018 Brian also suffered a boating accident, which resulted in the loss of tips of his right middle and ring fingers. Brian was quickly back on the stand-up stage, turning his literal pain into humor. This accident also inspired him to enter a wrestling tournament for ages eighteen and up; Brian was a state wrestler in High School and a member of the Junior Olympic team, twenty years prior! His incredible journey of redemption was made into a documentary by legendary Dutch filmmaker Ismael Lotz, called I Cleaned My Room. Brian’s career was in full swing in 2019 and at the beginning of 2020 he was headlining major comedy clubs across the country and getting steady acting work. Then came the 2020 shutdown. Realizing that the state of California was going from bad to worse he left Tinseltown and moved back to his hometown of Covington Ohio. This trip back home opened up a new world of creativity for Swinehart as he made short films in the countryside and developed a new straightforward forward and harder-hitting standup comedy style. Although facing many setbacks and obstacles, Brian is once again traveling the country as a comedian as well as producing a new movie called Trials Of Life. Which is based on a real-life murder trial that his Dad was the defense attorney. The adventure continues..... There is no stopping this guy!