Steve Kramer

Thu, Oct 3, 2019
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Sun, Oct 6, 2019

Steve Kramer

with Dominika Van Santen

Steve Kramer started off by doing voice impersonations as a child. He got kicked off the school bus for impersonating both of his bus drivers and kicked out of several classes for impersonating his school teachers. Eventually, he moved on to impersonating celebrities such as Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, John Travolta, Gilbert Gottfried, and Sean Connery, just to name a few. Steve wanted to take advantage of his ability to impersonate others, so he started doing stand-up comedy in 1998. He taught himself how to play the guitar so he could add musical elements to his show as well, and in 1999, he mailed an audition tape from his home town of Kansas City to Warner Brother's Studios in Los Angeles for a sketch comedy show to be aired on national television that they were creating and casting for called "Hype". A few days later, Warner Brother's flew him out to Los Angeles to try out in person. More than 3,000 people auditioned for the show, so the competition was incredible. With only one spot left on the cast to fill, Steve had to audition right after Dane Cook. Talk about pressure! Steve landed the roll and co-starred with nine other extremely talented individuals including Frank Caliendo and "Chicken". He played President Bush, Keannu Reeves, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Justin Timberlake, Carson Daly, David Blane, Regis Philbin, and many others on national television. His headlining show is like something out of Vegas, filled with music, improv, and audience participation. Steve's second love is music. He is a one-man-band, so sometimes he argues and sleeps with himself.

Dominika Van Santen

Dominika van Santen started her career in the entertainment business at an early age. With her modeling and dancing career taking her to work worldwide including, London, UK, Europe, Asia, Latin America and the US. Winning the Top Model of the World 2005 competition and a contestant in Miss Venezuela 2005 pageant took her to expand her career in London and the rest of Europe doing TV Commercials and Fashion Modeling Campaigns. Dancing for artists like Rihanna, Calvin Harris, Robin Thicke, J. Lo, Pitbull among others. Promptly the film and TV career were introduced to her life starting her studies in Central School of Speech and Drama in London. Dominika has featured in Films such as X-men First Class, Prince of Persia, Snow-white and the Huntsman, TV Series like Camelot, web series and British Play Barabbas. Dominika also has been part of various Soap Operas in Telemundo like; Jenni Rivera Mariposa de Barrio, Quien es Quien, Eva la Trailera, Tierra de Reyes among others. Comedy always had a calling for Dominika. Starting IMPROV classes in Sick Puppies to then moving to LA and continuing her studies at UCB for then landing a Comedy TV Show Pilot Women Dating Over 50. Dominika also performs as a Stand Up comedian in Los Angeles incorporating all her skills. Van Santen, a Multi talented artist with professional dancing and acting experience, signing and comedic skills and you can see all this mixed together in her comedic skills. Make your days count even if you don't like math.